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Where Water Meets Air

Evolving Currents of Life, Art,and the Love of Fishing


Creatively Honoring the Art of Fishing

 The rhythm of the current and my paddle breaking water, the constant casting, the dropping of a line. These are hypnotic mantras for inner introspection. They are incantations for summoning ideas, words, poetry, images. The mystery of bringing an unknown catch up from the depths, up to the place Where Water Meets Air, is infinitely exciting to me both literally and metaphorically. All of this is my Love, my Passion, my Obssession.


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Stories, Adventures, Learning Curves, Product Reviews

Also serving as a resource guide for women in both the recreational and commercial fishing industry where their importance is often overlooked. The percentage of women anglers has been on the rise.  They often come to the sport for different reasons than men. Many women express feelings of healing and connection to the earth, to themselves, and the environment around them when describing what the sport of fishing means to them.  There are many lady anglers that I am looking forward to interviewing to investigate these concepts further.


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