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My paintings express my love and reverence of nature, water, and the wildlife it holds, particularly, fish. The ‘act’ of fishing is awe-inspiring to me and I view it as not just a sport, but also as an intimate commune with the earth, a relationship that is both spiritually abstract and physically concrete in essence. I like to work forms into my paintings that create the sense of a frame, a window looking in, holding together these two worlds of thought and action. The rhythm of the river’s current and that of my paddle breaking water, the constant casting, the dropping of a line- these are hypnotic mantras for inner introspection. They are Incantations for summoning ideas, words, poetry, images. The tug of a fish on the line is a tug on the subconscious, and the mystery of bringing an unknown catch up from the depths, up to the shifting place where water meets air, is a reminder of the infinite surprises that life presents us with at any given moment. In this sense, fish are shadowy creatures whose shape and movement are akin to thoughts and dreams germinating in waters that spill forth life. My love of frozen lake ice crunching underfoot during a day of winter ice fishing and my love of pine needles warmed in the sun while hiking along a stream for springtime trout, remind me that this earth is frighteningly hard and softly delicious all at once. It deserves our reverence, our gratitude, and respectful tending.  My paintings honor these introspections and the gifts that our natural environment provides.

Please contact me regarding sales and commissions.

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