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Oh! My Fishness! The beginning of my love affair with fishing.

I have been lapping up fishing information like a kitty cat drinks milk lately, well, like the past seven years actually. I eased into it at first, then eventually with more aggression, voracious and all consuming. Why? Why? I ask myself. Well, because… I guess it’s just because… I have fallen in love…

I AM IN LOVE with fishing! Yes, fish, fish tales, fish bait, fish tanks, fish gear, fishing holes, and everything in between. I paint pictures of fish and write stories and poems about fishing. Dear Lord, help me…I dream about fish almost nightly….

I haven’t kept my fishing habit simple…

I have at least 3 different magazine subscriptions, countless email newsletter subscriptions, I surf the internet for early spring bass tactics, how to tie leader to braid, I spend more money on gear than shoes and sometimes even groceries. I bought a fishing kayak and then there was really no stopping me. That kayak multiplied, and now there are 4 and a canoe. Sit in, sit on, 13′, 11.5′, 10’…. My rods once consisted of toss offs and hand me downs. But then became my first purchase ever at a sporting goods store….”What do I buy Sheila?”, I asked my friend who was with me. “I don’t know,” she responded. “Donny always says go by the feel of the tip.” So I did…I remember like it was yesterday picking up the rods and shaking them in the aisle, watching them bend and shake…yes, yes, YES! I LOVE this! I settled on an inexpensive spinning combo. Then came Shakespeare, Browning, Fleuger, Penn, onto Daiwa, Shimano…Rods, Reels, Tackle…If you could only see my garage.

And after all of this, I’m still no pro at fishing, far from it actually…

So then… what is this Fishness all about I ask myself? I’m not quite sure yet, but I am here to find out. This blog is an exploration of everything that draws me into the world of angling- the sport of fishing. An outlet for expressing my love of fishing through creative means- illustrations, paintings, creative writing, recipes, fashion design, and the list goes on.

And so, it is from this soulful place that my new blog arises. The very spot Where Water Meets Air is truly a magical place, a place of still reflections and currents of change.

Stay tuned!

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